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Rates & Conditions

Technical Author Services uses rates based upon the those recommended by the Australian Society of Authors.

Here are some extracts from the ASA guidelines on publishing rates.

Editing, proofing, SEO, Copyrighting
Generally this is charged at around 30-40 dollars an hour depending on the complexity of the job. Large projects would require a quote.

Book Publishing
In its Model Publishing Agreement Template, the ASA recommends authors receive a minimum royalty rate of 10% of RRP (recommended retail price) for print books. This royalty rate applies to traditional publishing contracts where authors licence their work to a publisher to be sold in book form.

An estimated potential royalty can be calculated using the following formula: Potential royalty = RRP* x print run x 10%

Thus for a $32.95 paperback with a first print run of 3000 copies, the potential royalty would be $9885.

Typically, an author will be paid a proportion of this amount (up to 50%) as an 'advance', the remainder being 'earned out' as the book is sold in shops. Often the advance may come in instalments: on signing the contract, on delivery of the final manuscript and on publication.

For more about royalty contracts and the Model Publishing Agreement, see Australian Book Contracts  or Lynne Spender's Between the Lines: A legal guide for writers and illustrators. Both published by Keesing Press.

Freelance writing
These rates are based on the 2010 National Freelance Rates approved by the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance and apply to all genres except poetry. They apply to prose (such as articles or short fiction for magazines, journals or newspapers) which is commissioned on a freelance or casual basis and previously unpublished. See the MEAA website for more information.

  • Per day = $878

  • Per half day = $585 (2/3 day rate)

  • Per hour = $219

  • 1000 words or less = $892

  • Per word thereafter = $0.89
  • See also Wilson da Silva's Short Guide to Freelance Journalism paper.

    Prose anthology rates
    Minimum rates for previously published material
    Price per 1000 words

  • Where the RRP is less than $25 = $135

  • Where the RRP is $25 - $39 = $205

  • Where the RRP is $40 - $55 = $267
  • NB: The minimum rate of $134 applies for work under 1000 words. Works over 1000 words are calcuated as a proportion of the price per 1000 words. For example, a 1800 word story in an anthology with an RRP of $24.95 would be calculated as:
    1.8 x $135 = $243

    Minimum rates for original material
    The rates above apply to work which has already been published. Where material for an anthology is specifically commissioned or previously unpublished, a minimum rate of $325 per 1000 words or part thereof should be paid in addition to the minimum rate for previously published material. These rates apply to all kinds of anthologised prose.

    These rates have been developed in consultation with Australian Poetry Limited. NB. These poetry rates apply to first publication. For previously published poems, see the poetry anthology rates below.

  • Per line = $3

  • Up to 40 lines = $118

  • 41-60 lines = $180

  • 61-90 lines = $272

  • 91-135 lines = $447

  • 136-200 lines = $596

  • 201-300 lines = $894
  • Poetry anthology rates
    The rate for previously published poems used in anthologies is $1.18 per line per 1000 copies printed, the minimum rate being $56 per poem.Thus for a 65-line poem in an anthology of 2500 copies, the rate would be $191.75 (65 lines x $1.18 x 2.5 thousand copies). For further examples, download the ASA Rates, including Poetry Anthology rates for 2011.

    Optionally, editors and poets could share a one-off payment of 12% of the RRP of the edition distributed among the editor/s and the poets. For example, 2% of the RRP might be attributed to the editor/s and 10% be attributed proportionately to the poets: 10% of the RRP times the size of the print run would be divided by the number of poems in the anthology in order to produce a dollar value for each poem; and then each poet would receive a sum based on the number of her/his poems appearing in the anthology (a sequence being counted as the total of the number of poems within it.)

    This system of paying poets whose works are anthologised could advantage them: anthologised poems would receive an up-front 10% whereas publication for poems in books that pay on the basis of sales, despite the size of the print run, could produce less than 10%.

    These rates should be used with the ASA's poetry book/anthology non-exclusive licence.

    Online use rates
    Rates for use of previously published material in digital form - download the PDF here.

    Please note that these rates should apply as minimum Australian rates; some overseas companies charge higher rates. Special jobs, such as Executive Summaries and Information Memorandums will require a quote.

    Public appearances
    For Public Speaking rates please apply through the feedback page

    *RRP = Recommended Retail Rrice

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